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Skin Consultation 
40 minutes $50.00
Clients skin will be cleansed, analyzed using wood's lamp, & mag lamp. Information will be gathered and discussed with client. Esthetician will also inform client which facial treatment would be best according to skin's condition along with product recommendation & Home care instructions will be given along with scheduling a follow up visit. Consultation fee will be applied to any facial booked within 10 days and can not be combined with any other offer**
Tween/Teen "BEBJM" Essential Facial (Ages 10-16)
60 minutes $50-$55

​-Ideal for pre teen acne (hormonal) eczema, sensitive skin, or a day out for self care with mommy!
*Deep cleanse, skin-analysis, toner, gentle exfoliating treatment, & moisturizer (SPF), consistent Home Care Routine/Product Recommendation & Follow-Up Visit
Teen Acne Relief Facial (Ages 13-17)
1 hour 30 minutes $65.00
-Ideal for active acne, dark spots, white heads, black heads, pustules
*Deep double cleanse w/steam, Skin analysis, exfoliating treatment, extractions, brief massage, clay/soothing mask, toner, moisturizer (SPF)
-Included: Home Care Regimen/Product Recommendation & Follow-Up Visit
Tween Brow Shape (WAX or NO WAX)
20 minutes $15-$25

Eyebrows are cleansed w/ rosewater, trimmed to tame brow hairs, precise shape by wax/tweeze and/or razor, & aloe to soothe.
Kiddie/Tween Brow Shape NO WAX (ages 10-15)
20 minutes $15 
Eyebrows are cleansed w/ rosewater and trimmed using brow scissors to tame brow hairs/razor clean up(optional), & aloe to soothe. 
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